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  • Speak Japanese fluently in few months

    Hi, before we move to how to speak Japanese fluently in few months, or weeks (depends on you), you should know that when you want you can, so before learning something, or doing anything in life generally, you have to love it, to see passion in it !

    Learn japanese in few months

    So, as it's, the common website for meeting Japanians, it's typical for visitors to try to learn Japanese, so I decided today to show you some simple ways to learn japanese quickly.

    Number One: Grammar

    - To easy learn grammar, you need to learn it in your native language, or in a language that you understand the most.

    - Find really clear explanations and examples, and here we're definetely talking about anime, or manga.

    - Think in Japanese, don't try to translate.


    Number Two: Accent

    - Of course, when learning a language, we always try to immitate native speakers in term of accent, so to make it easy for you watch Japanese shows, anime, movies and drama...

    - Don't over exagerate, because we all know Japanese anime girls speak in a weird way (no ofense), so don't take them as an example.


    Number Three: Characters

    - To be honest, katakana and hiragana are way easy to memorize and draw, but kanji is pretty hard and has its own rules, I personnally have learned only necessary kanji characters, after all even some Japanese people still have problems in that. But, nothing is impossible, all you need is a trusted book, a pen and a plenty of paper, and here you go !!


    Number Four: Vocabulary

    - The easiest way to memorize words is to make it easy in your head, for example: Love in Japanese is 愛, pronounced as "Ai", just like an onomatopoeia for being hurt :)


    Number Five: Hope

    -If it comes to you to fail, just try again, you know you'll succeed.


    So, these were my ways for learning Japanese quickly, please leave a comment down below, and rate this article if you liked it. Thanks for choosing, see you soon !!!!!



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