Hi, today’s ticket is about lies, and as you know, lies aren’t good, from this ticket we are going to learn more about lies, and we are going to answer these questions :

 1- What does mean a lie ?

 2- When do lies become good ?

 3- Is is really good to lie ?

 Then, I am going to give you some quotes about the truth and lies.

                                                                       Answers :

 A lie means : A false statement deliberately presented as been true, or we can say a falsehood. Lies aren’t good anymore, they are bad everytime and everywhere. Yes, there are some people who say that lies are sometimes the only way to do not lose a friend for example, but there are some other quotes which say that the real friend is who never lies to his other friend. So, we deduct that lies aren’t good anymore, even if we don’t have an other way to escape from the situation. 

 Then here are some quotes about lie and truth:






 These are some quotes, of course there are others, but I can't put them all here. To see more quotes, you can visit the photo album. Thanks.


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