Liar game

Liar Game (ラ イ ア ー ゲ ー ム, Raia Gemü?) Is a manga by Shinobu Kaitani. It is pre-published between February 2005 and January 2015 in the magazine Young Jump and was compiled into a total of nineteen volumes. The French version is published from July 2010 to Tonkam1 editions, and seventeen volumes were released in March 25, 2015.

It was adapted in Japanese drama two seasons, aired between April 2007 and June 2007 and between November 2009 and January 2010 on Fuji TV. A first season adapted into Korean drama (라이어 게임) was released in 2014. A film adaptation called Liar Game: The Final Stage is then released in March 2010. A second movie called Liar Game: Reborn was released in March 2012, followed by a series of four episodes derived named Alice in Liar Game.


  • Nao Kanzaki (神 崎 直, Kanzaki Nao)

Nao is a very naive young girl. Her mother died when she was one year old and her father has terminal cancer.

  • Shinichi Akiyama (秋山 深 一, Shin'ichi Akiyama)

Shinichi is a very intelligent young boy who ended up in prison for defrauding a company. Upon his release, Kanzaki asks him to rip his opponent. Later we learn the reasons for his behavior quite cold, and those for which helps Kanzaki.

Plot Summary:

At the sight of greed, your average human being always chooses money over integrity; however, such a thing is impossible for the Nao Kanzaki, who is about the most honest person you can find. But when she accidentally joined "The Liar Game", her honesty has proved to be a deadly poison. In a game where every player has to either trick their opponents and get gain a large prize, or be burdened with a equally large debt, the honest Nao Kanzaki has no choice but to get help from Shinichi Akiyama, who is a genius con artist that conned a multi billionaire company. With the help of Akiyama, Nao Kanzaki now participates in the dangerous world of the "The Liar Game".


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