Criticizing: Anohana (J-movie)


Anohana, the famous japanese manga, was turned into a Live action movie in 2015. Today, we're gonna more talk about it, and compare the movie to the anime or manga.

So, the first thing I noticed was the music, it was really stunning, especially the music in the beginning. Also, what I noticed was the subtle acting of the little kids, in the first scene when they were playing "Hide and Seek", specially the little Menma, she was really good compared to her age. There were many things that we, the spectators, would notice, for instance:

⇒ Yukusako was jealous from Gintan.

⇒ Menma and Gintan loved each other, but they refused to admit.

In an other side, everyone is still thinking of her, Meiko-san, though some of them couldn't actually admit that, and they thought it would be better to forget the past and move on. But Poppo insisted that Menma's phantom was real, though, only Gintan could see it.

Many other events did happen, and many anime fans find it boring, and they didn't totally accept it. In my opinion, I find it good, but it's such too long for such a simple event, I mean, the main event was finding Meiko's real childhood wish, to make her phantom disappear, and to make her rest in peace. Her wish was being together forever, she wishes that their friendship will last forever. But time don't heal sometimes, and her friends blame each other of Meiko's death.

The end of the story was really stunning, especially with music. I think you should really watch it, don't forget to tell us what do you think about it ? Which is better, the anime or the movie ? See you later, same place, same pace !!  BYE-BYE !!!

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