Criticizing: Doctor X

 Doctor x critics

Hi, so today we're gonna talk about a japanese drama called Doctor X.

1- Plot:

The plot is about a surgeon who is super natural, she has oustanding skills. Her dad was also a surgeon but he died. The story is simple, but this simpleness makes it catchy, and stunning. I promess you won't get bored of it.

2- The characters:

Okay, so the character development is stunning, I can tell that there's quite nothing cliché about it. It's exciting and attaching, you quickly get personally involved with the characters, it's WONDERFUL.

Ryoko Yonekura (Daimon Michiko) is a really good actor, she beautifully played her character, Also, there's something that really capted my attention: All pr managers are quite nervous, except the one in the fourth season: Ikuko Minami who's mysterious, I didn't understand why did she draw a circle in Daimon's profile on her tablet, why ??? Can someone explain ??

3- Favourite season, favourite character...

My favourite season is season 3, I liked how President Tendo was supporting Daimon when everyone else avoided her.

Favourite character: Obviously, Daimon Michiko, I love her attitude, and her "itashimasen" (I won't do it) and "watashi shippai shinai node" (I never fail), but also her powerful eyes, I love them.

Favourite episode: Indeed, the last ope in the last season, I loudly cried when Daimon closed up Jounouchi, we thought she failed. 

The drama is indeed a lesson on how to be confident, how to never give up, how to be a better doctor and person. I'd be so happy if they added more seasons. Thank you for visiting our website. GOOD BYE !!

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