Criticizing: Orange (J-movie)

orange (j-movie)

Hi, so today, I’m gonna talk to you about the 2015 japanese film that you all know, orange. That movie, or film,was actually good, with a length of 2 hours and 19 minutes, I really enjoyed it.

Though, I have some remarks about the acting, it was actually good and subtle, but, there’s something that annoys me as a fan, how did the story end ?? Because, the final scene was only about saving Kakeru (the main character) from suicide, death. And I really wanted to know, if correcting the past would change the future or not, or either, it would create a parallel world. This question really troubles my mind !! But, generally the story, the acting, the filming, everything was good, excellent, in my opinion.

About, Kakeru’s mother, I think that the reason for her suicide wasn’t clear to me. Did she have an emotional  trouble because of her son ? Or what ? As a matter of fact, I find her acting wonderful since I’ve felt a message through her acting, especially her facial expression.

So... I advise you to watch Orange, it's worth it (worth spending 2 hours.. :p ) Bring some popcorn, and here you go !!!

Thanks for visiting !!! See you next time, same place, same pace !!! Bye-Bye !!

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