Criticizing: St- The movie/drama

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 So, as you all know, St The movie is just a sequel for St Aka To Shiro no sousa FILE, and instead of criticizing each one separated, I decided to  put them in a single page. So let's start with the drama.

The drama: St aka to shirou no sousa FILE was incredible, I actually loved it so much. Each episode a new crime happen, and we discover more and more about each character, and that's what makes it special and idiosyncratic ! Then, the second thing is about the information given in the whole drama; I think they're so useful, especially for criminology "fans" like me, because as we all know, St~ is a mystery and crime drama, so it has to do with all criminology stuff, but also physics, sociology (since Aoyama-san is a psychologist), and the most important lessons about life, that we all need to know. And, again, that's what makes this drama unique and different from others !

The movie: It was honestly the best, because I loved how the events turned out by the end of it, I thought something while the opposite happened, and that's a really interesting way to make us think and get excited. And, to be honest, I cried at the end, because THE MOVIE WAS WOOOW !!! I'm not sponsoring, or whatever, I'm just telling the truth !!!

Then, finally, the acting and all that profesional stuff was also good, stunning and excellent !! My favourite character is Samon Akage (Tatsuya Fujiwara), I actually don't only love the character but also the actor, he acts way good !!! Who was your favourite ? Tell us in the comments below ! Bye-Bye !!

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