Ayumi Hamasaki

 Nationnality: Japanese

 Alternative name: 浜崎あゆみ Ayumi Hamasaki

 Also known as: AYU, Crea

 Occupations: Singer, songwriter, performance artist, record producer, lyricist, actress, model, spokesperson, businessperson

 Labels: Nippon Columbia, Avex Trax

 Genres: Jpop, pop, dance, electronic, rock, classical

 Studio albums

 A Song for ×× (1999)

 Loveppears (1999)

 Duty (2000)

 I Am... (2002)

 Rainbow (2002)

 My Story (2004)

 (Miss)understood (2006)

 Secret (2006)

 Guilty (2008)

 Next Level (2009)

 Rock 'n' Roll Circus (2010)

 Love Songs (2010)

 Party Queen (2012)

 Love Again (2013)

 Colours (2014)

 A One (2015)

 Extended plays:

 Nothing from nothing (1995)

 Memorial adress (2003)

 Five (2011)

 Love (2012)

 Again (2012)

 Sixxxxxx (2015)


 Compilation albums:

 A Best (2001)

 A Ballads (2003)

 A Best 2: Black (2007)

 A Best 2: White (2007)

 A Complete: All singles (2008)

 A Summer Best (2012)

 Countdown Live 2013–2014 A Vol. 1 (2014)

 Countdown Live 2013–2014 A Vol. 2 (2014)

 Winter Ballad Selection (2014)




"Poker Face"



"For My Dear..."

"Depend on You"


"Love (Destiny)"

"To Be"

"Boys & Girls"



"Kanariya" ("Canary")



"Fly High"


"Far Away"






"Never Ever"

"Endless Sorrow"




"Free & Easy"





"No Way to Say"




"Step You"

"Is This Love?"



"Bold & Delicious"



"Born to Be..."

"Blue Bird"



"Talkin' 2 Myself"

"Together When..."

"Mirrorcle World"





"Sunrise (Love Is All)"

"Sunset (Love Is All)"

"You Were..."








"How Beautiful You Are"

"Feel the Love"



"Zutto..." ("Always")

"Last Minute"


"Step by Step"




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