Funny Facts about Morocco

Fun facts about morocco

Hi, today I'm gonna share with you some fun facts about my country, Morocco. Some people may not totally agree on what I'm gonna say, but anyway, discuss on coments below ↓↓

So let's start:

1- Morocco is considered as the oldest country in the world, and the first to recognize the independance of the United States, but no-one is recognizing that "Western Sahra" is moroccan...

2- Morocco's official language is Arabic, even if the native language is Amazigh, but few people can speak and write it correctly. Though, the government is trying now to teach us, in schools, Tamazight.

3-Moroccans jokingly call tap water "Sidi Robini", because most of mineral waters start with Sidi (Sidi Ali, Sidi Harazem...).

4- Morocco dominated Spain, and some parts of Europe for long centuries, but no-one is actually admitting it.

5- Moroccan arabic language (dialect) is a mixture of Arabic, Tamazight, French, Spanish and some few words in English. That's why moroccans can pronounce any language easily, of course after practice.

6- Moulay Hassan II is one of the best french speakers, though he's not from France.

7- Ottomans couldn't dominate Morocco for many politician reasons.

8- The karraouiine Mosque is the world's first university is the WORLD !!!!

9- Morocco is the largest processor and expoter of sardines in the world.

10- Only 35 million people live in Morocco.


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