Sahara is Moroccan


Sahara is moroccan


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has told Morocco's foreign minister that he was angered and disappointed by a demonstration in Rabat that he said was a personal attack on him over remarks he made about the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

Nearly three million Moroccans marched though the capital on Sunday to protest Ban's position on Western Sahara and rally support for the king.

Ban "conveyed his astonishment at the recent statement of the government of Morocco and expressed his deep disappointment and anger regarding the demonstration that was mobilised on Sunday, which targeted him in person", the UN chief's press office said in an unusually tough statement.

Ban Ki-moon made statements that, according to Moroccan government, had little to do with the impartiality and neutrality he should display as Secretary General of the United Nations.

The statement caused uproar in the country, prompting to issue on Tuesday in which Morocco denounced Ban Ki-moon of “bias” in favor of the Polisario, a separatist movement supported by Algeria.

Morocco’s government last week accused Ban Ki-moon of no longer being neutral in the Western Sahara conflict, saying that he used the word “occupation” to describe Morocco’s presence in the region that has been at the center of a dispute since 1975.

The UN has been trying for years to hold a referendum on independence for the territory, which was seized by Morocco when Spain withdrew in 1975.

Source: Asharq Al-Awsat

My opinion

First of all the "western" Sahara is moroccan, if you've read OUR histrory, I know, no I'm sure, you're gonna discover that it's OUR SAHARA.
And personnally, imagine you're moroccan, are you going to sit down while there's someone divising your country, and telling that a part of it doesn't belong to us ? Just imagine ! 



Source:(instagram) @northafrica.feminist: You don't know how much it hurts to see your own country being cut in a half, it hurts so bad because ""the southern Sahara is Moroccan since thousands of years maybe even millions and since the French and Spanish had come they splited my own country in a fucking half, if you went to the Sahara and if you ever asked a person there what is their nationality they will tell you they are proudly Moroccan.When I say Morocco it's the full country not just a part that white people decided to call morocco. Posting the history of the Sahara

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My opinion

I totally agree with Malak. Then, we did  "Al Massira alkhadra" (1975, 40 years ago) in order to recuperate our Sahara which was dominated by French and Spanish people, and it was approved histrorically that it really happened.
And Parkimoon, or Pokemon or I don't know what, said that we're only defending our interests, I don't know who is defending them, is it you or us ? Because actually you're the person who is doing it. Yet, do you have any proof of what you're telling people ?
If you were strong enough, just come to my country and you're gonna see who you'll become !!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't wanna look agressive but...


 This isn't our real Morocco, but this is what you call Morocco. I don't wanna insult anyone, althrough being the first according to economy... doesn't mean you're going to control the whole world, or divising countries as you like. And I'm specially talking to Google maps !! Look how many petitions were sent, just an example:!topic/maps/JgD3aMvIfvs

But did they change it ? NO, why ? no-one knows !!! Yes, I know Google isn't a political organisation, but, it's hurting !! At least, they could put, instead of "Western Sahara", "political conflict" if they were not to hurt anyone.

The total area of Morocco is 710.850 km2. That's it!

Moro mmap md



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